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Singapore Football: Lion City Sailors coach Aurelio Vidmar is positive to hit in SPL

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Singapore Football: Tampines Rovers Syazwan Buhari led his team to win

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Singapore Premier League 2020 players to watch out in football games

Photo credit: myactivesg The football news in Singapore is here to provide the latest happening in the world of Singaporean football in which considering as...

Singapore Football: Ilhan Fandi reminisces the pressure under his name

Photo credit: goal The football news in Singapore is here to provide the latest happening in the world of Singaporean football in which considering as...




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Online Casino Fish Hunter Shooting Game

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The Football News: Man City Pep Guardiola donated 1M Euros to Combat Coronavirus

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Bet365 is the best online betting in Singapore for football betting odds & tips for soccer predictions today with live casinos, slots, and fishing games in Asia. Online sports betting in Singapore is concerned with the law but with minor limitations. Domestically the only legitimate sportsbook is Singapore Pools, however, the fortunate thing here is no law restricts Singaporeans from engaging foreign online bookmakers. Some of the most reliable Singapore bookmakers are now giving online betting accounts in Singaporean dollar or SGD, additionally, offering sports bonuses and casino promotions plus best football odds than those will found at the Singapore Pools. Now on this article, we will guide you the trusted betting sites for the people of Singapore, however, allow me to discuss first concerning the Singapore betting odds. Worldwide there are many varieties of odds formats like European odds which are in decimals, UK odds which are infractions, American odds which are in money lines, and Asian odds which contain Malay odds, Indonesian odds, and Hong Kong odds. In Singapore the most usual odds arrangement used in Euro odds, also the main format of Singapore Pools and assisted by the entire foreign online betting websites. Decimal odds appear how much you will be paid, stake plus your win, on your winning bet. So let’s say the odds are 1.83 and your bet is $300 and then win, now you get back the $300 x 1.83 = $549 in which $300 is your returned stake while $249 is your profit. When using the top betting site mentioned below always keep in mind to change the format of the odds to decimal, from time to time it is listed as European, DEC or EUR to make sure you are betting on this kind of format. If you love betting on popular Asian football like English Premier League, Champions League or any other related soccer league, one of the trusted sites for Singapore is Bet365. This Asian sportsbook is a field leader for live streaming football betting and offers the best odds on Asian country handicaps. They are also popular in giving big bonuses, especially to Malaysian and Singaporean bettors. Let say at the beginning of the English Premier League they were offering a 100% first deposit bonus and weekly 10% reload bonus. Do you want more? To see the latest exclusive bonus offers for Singapore bettors kindly visit and Register

Online Sports Betting

There have been several issues regarding online gambling in Singapore. The government does not encourage online gambling, but the government recognizes that it is growing. This may result in several issues that are concerning the safety and security of the players. There are only two main websites that are legally allowed to gamble on Singapore, The Singapore Turf Club, and Singapore Pools. They were used to be phone betting services, but the betting service has expanded online.

There are applications available for such services online. Singaporeans tend to have specified rules that need to be followed for this to happen. Singapore sports betting mainly focuses on horse racing, fantasy betting, Toto, Football, Sports and many more. With the resurgence of different websites that offer these kinds of services, our, website, provides a safe platform that enables players to enjoy and take full advantage of our services. As long as the player is of legal age (21 years old), he or she may enjoy the full range of services our online platform has to offer.

Show and Hide for Online Football Betting in Malaysia, Casino, Slots, and Fishing Games

Online Football Betting in Malaysia

Malaysians are passionate about sports, especially football. Football betting in Malaysia has been around for the longest time.  Alongside the sport, Malaysian Football Betting has been one of the most prominent past time in the country, though illegal, it does not stop Malaysians in continuing to bet on the sport. What is football betting exactly? – Football betting is a type of gamble wherein bettors put their money in favor of a specific team. Malaysians tend to bet on the famous leagues like EPL, EFL, UEFA and many more. In football betting, there are also many types of betting styles. For example, we have the 1X2 and Asian Handicap.

Malaysians tend to bet on the Asian Handicap as it can eliminate the probability of a draw in the match. Malaysians also like to refer to their Malay Odds in terms of betting and many more. The culture of betting in the country is one of the most prominent in the world. Malaysia has a national football team that started in the early 60s. Since then, sports have many followers in the country!

Football and football betting is a big part of the Malaysian culture and will be embedded in the country for life. That’s why if you love betting on Asian Football, Premier League, Champions League or any soccer league, Bet365soccervip is one of the most reliable and trusted Asian sportsbook in the market. It boasts almost all games and live streaming on the platform! They only offer the best in the Odds, Asian Handicap, or 1X2! Special bonuses are given to loyalty members, especially to Malaysian bettors!

Football Betting in Malaysia and their Laws

We all know that Malaysian people have a passion for sports, particularly in football and it approximately that over MYR 4 billion or $1.2 billion in US dollars is gambled yearly in online sports, and about 90 percent of the total wagered was on football betting. Regardless of the popularity of online sports betting in Malaysia the law still not allow this kind of activity but fortunately for us, there is a big push in Malaysia to modify the law to legalize betting on football. The simple and beneficial reason for this is that it estimated RM 1 billion is gambled by the citizens of Malaysia each day on football games. Both online casino games and brick and mortar are also included in the interest of Malaysians. This will benefit the government and also the citizens because of its massive tax revenue, confiscating the money from the hands of organized crimes and minimizing the match-fixing scandals. Furthermore, Malaysia online betting is still not allowed, although the risk is small and this will not stop the punters from betting their heart favorite teams. Still, for the benefits of our beloved customers it is recommended to learn more about the sports betting laws in Malaysia, the variations of sports you can bet with our most trusted offshore sportsbooks and how can you easily make a deposit at a reputable online sportsbook. 

Live Casino Games, Slots Games, and Casino Fishing Games

Bet365 football betting is one of the world’s trusted and best online betting companies. The most comprehensive In-Play service in Singapore and Malaysia. Enjoy 100% First Deposit Bonus on Sports and Weekly 10% Bonus for members Plus 100% First Deposit Bonus on E-Sports Live. All sporting events up to 1% Daily Rebate and bet without fear for your 10% Cashback on Sports. Take your game experience anytime anywhere with Bet365 soccer betting Mobile App bringing gaming to you right at your fingertips. Grab your 50% Slots Bonus we match 50% of your First Deposit up to RM1688 and offer 25% Weekly Deposit Bonus. Enjoy the Highest Rebate up to 1.2% on all bet365 slot games and your Rescue Bonus gets up to RM 300 when you lose on slots. We are trusted in Online casino Singapore, we offer the best and the most innovative software gaming platform and there are so many popular casino games to choose from. Bet with confidence in Dream Gaming live casino Malaysia. We offer 8% Cashback on your losses and have a date with our Live Dealers with 50% Welcome Bonus up to RM 888. Never miss out because we are offering Weekly 20% Reload Bonus on playing bet365 live casino games Plus Unlimited Daily Rebate up to 0.75% for the live casino. Casino fishing games are taking storm in popularity today! Enjoy a wide variety of popular casino fishing games with Bet365. We offer 20% First Deposit Bonus fish and win now! Fishing Game Bonus every week and catch this Reload Bonus before it slips away. All members are eligible to win Cash and Prizes on our Monthly Draws plus you can refer a friend, relatives, colleagues to join us and get an RM150 bonus.

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Football Betting Tips, Predictions, and Soccer Odds 

Our bet365 soccer odds experts are enthusiastic professionals that can guide you anytime and everywhere by creating scientific soccer predictions for today and tomorrow fixtures, we are giving free advice on all your soccer things. Are you seeking for more soccer bets to be the most accurate tips as the winners? Explore the important elements that required to be taken into account before placing your soccer bets, You will also come across the best ways to utilize your betting site offers. How to generate the most accurate Soccer Predictions To make your soccer predictions successful, you are required to know the initial way to calculate the likelihood of your intended bet being the winner. this will be simple by comparing the odds being offered of your intended choices by online bookmakers. This will indicate the possibility of your choices for being the winner or loser. For example that during the weekend you want to bet on Paris Saint Germain and Marseille game, in which PSG are the favorites to win the match. for this scenario, the most trusted prediction will be a Paris victory as they have more effective performance compared to their opponent. The possibility of a Paris win is, therefore, greater than the Marseille squad. In these circumstances, if the odds offered by the sports betting sites is 11/2 for a Marseille win compare to Paris victory with 1/2, then choosing to bet on Marseille to win was not the expected outcome. Always remember to not forget to analyze and study the probabilities before placing your soccer bet. Three Tips before making your Soccer Betting Tips:

  1. Study the team’s motivation.
  2. Always read the latest news and updates to know the form of the teams.
  3. Analyze and study the special abilities of the teams.